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The Hong Kong Premier League fans' talking point yesterday

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It''s true! Today (Sunday afternoon) when I play football, my teammate''s major talking point, surprising was not Darren Huckerby, but it''s Gary Holt''s rocket!

Today I enjoyed a very sunny day football game. When I arrive to the football pitch, my teammates (they are football fans of course, but surely they are all glory hunters which they support MU, Arsenal, Real Madrid and the Milan!) talked about our game against Portsmouth yesterday, because they saw the highlights.

They said my team (yes, Norwich is my team!) was very unlucky not to win the game, because not Huckerby but Gary Holt''s (they can remember Holt''s Chinese translated name as "Ho Chi"!) BULLET liked shot hit the bar in about 75 minutes!!! They said the shot was hitting very very hard, actually the ball bouncing out of the box. It was a very good hit.

I was pleased about not only Hucks, Helveg and Green the Hong Kong fans know about us (because the MATCH magazine usually talked about it!), surely Three Lungs were the next with his tireless performance in midfield...


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