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Charlton!! makes sense in EDP interview.

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He is talking of the performance, and what led to his goal

He says" It''s right up there, simply because we stopped playing as much intricate passing in our own half and got the ball up front", he said. " Like when I was at Bolton, get the ball quickly and then get the seconed bits and try playing football in their half, which is how it should be , and i think we did that very well today ". 

I posted last year about our frustrating habit of playing ping pong in front of opposition  sides and our inability to get behind their defences. 

I think Charlton has made the simple statement that our game must be about getting the ball quickly and playing the game in their half, like Asenal do.  We must take charge of the mid-field by getting to the ball first. We almost did it Saturday, so more of the same please!!!! OTBC!!!!

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