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sad, sad Burley

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What a game!!! I wouldn''t say that everything was right or good about the performance, the first half was very dull and when harper went, and he had to, then I feared the worst. But rarely have I seen such a show of team spirit as I saw tonight! There was a large slice of luck in letting the welsh god keep taking the penalty till he got it right but it''s about time lady luck smiled on us. I was one of the doubters who would have settled for a point after we went down to 10 men and was utterly gobsmacked at the final outcome. George Burley must be guttted as his team were the better side for long spells in the game and he was thwarted more than once by the quite breathtaking greeno (greeno for England!) If we can play that badly and still win then the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!! Last point, Ryan Jarvis, did you see that slinky bendy run in the derby box, the boy is class.

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