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Gunn got lots to do before 8th August

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,,  , Went to Dartford yesterday and I know it is early days,but we desparately need a right back.

Otsemebor fell asleep yet again for darts 1st goal and I thought Drury struggled at left back, maybe Gunny will give Spillane a go at right back

on the tour of Scotland.

We also need a winger with pace, Neilson scored a cracker of a goal and did get some nice crosses in, maybe could be a squad member but

would like to see someone with pace to burn as well.

A new striker is needed, Maric looks quite promising from what I have seen on you tube lets hope he fills the void we have had at the club for

the past 2 years.  Nelson did okay alongside Docs, won his fair share of headers and scored a good goal from a set peice,was caught out of

position now and again covering Drury,think he will do alright for us although does seem one paced.

Tudor Jones did not seem to do much for me yesterday, but it does take time to settle in and hope he proves to be a good aquisition to the team.

Come on you yellas .

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