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Dr. Ink

Would administration be the best option?

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I am over simplifying things, but assuming we have about M£2/year interest payments on the club''s debts.

We could go to administration wiping the debt clear saving M£2 outlay in the process. Would a M£2 striker be worth the 10 point deduction? Probably.


Or..Would the Carra and any other assets have to be sold first?

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Why don''t we just sell the stadium to Aviva and then lease it off them? This is to who we owe our debt too i believe. Not sure how much Carrow road is worth but if it''s worth anywhere near the £20 million we owe, at least we would be debt free! Aviva are now sponsoring the Geoffrey Watling stand as well as the corner between the Jarrold and N&P stand. Carrow road would then become "The Aviva Stadium".

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Looks like Charlton are next......

Charlton on the brink as £40m debt is set to scupper takeover bid


Sportsmail Reporter

Last updated at 11:50 PM on 11th July 2009

Charlton are poised to be the next club to fall into administration,

with a takeover bid on the brink of collapse because of debts of up to


A group of local businessmen who had been in talks about a £30m

buy-out were alarmed to discover the extent of the League One club''s


A source close to the bid said last night: ''The club are going

through a slow, painful death. In strict business terms, a club with 10

fewer points, but millions of pounds less debt would be a far more

attractive proposition.''

Charlton Athletic fans

Keep the faith: But Charlton Athletic fans don''t appear to have much to smile about

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