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The new Board members..........

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Having watched/ read the interviews with the new board members I am somewhat optomistic.

I don''t understand those who have critisized the new board members already without giving them a chance........

Even if you were the most staunch board hater you should welcome the appointment of Alan Bowkett as Chairman.

Without even discussing his track record/experience in Industry, he has long been EXTREMELY critical of the way NCFC has been run at the board level for a number of years.

So under no circumstances can anybody claim he is a "Delia" stooge. ( I am sure Smudger will still try!)

The fact that Delia/MWJ are willing to appoint someone who has been as openly critical as Mr Bowkett suggests the myth of "Dictator Delia" is nothing but a myth.

In his interview I like the fact that he states we MUST achieve promotion this year.

I have no doubt If he thinks that "team Gunn" is not working he will make wholesale changes. The man has shown he doesn''t f*** around.

I think it was very interesting in the CW interview that he states some of the reasons why we have failed in recent seasons.

The CW interview with Stephan Phillips was also interesting.......... he was asked by Radio Norfolk point blank about the huge "conflict of interest"

He stated absolutely that the editors would remain 100% independant and there would be none.




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