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Since when is the Premiership a private party? I seem to remember (albeit with some difficulty, May seems like such a long time ago already) that Stoke, a team which hadn''t been in the top flight for almost 40 years, and Hull one which had never ever been in the 1st division at all, both got promoted last season and managed to stay up, Stoke with some ease.

It''s a cliche that too many fans and journalists and indeed our own dear majority share holder resort to when they find themselves supporting a club which has been so woefully mismanaged as ours. Life''s not fair, the premier league is too rich, the teams at the top are too strong, we don''t have enough money to compete. Rubbish!!!! The premier league is not some kind of impregnable fortress and the teams which currently inhabit it will be not be there forevermore. If wasn''t for a woeful last day of the season and under investement prior to that then we could have had the chance to restablish ourselves as a top club, the fact that we didn''t has nothing to do with a lack of money or the premiership being a closed shop and everything to do with a lack of foresight and ambition. This kind of lazy thinking which appears to abound at our club, caused the individuals in charge to act in a "prudent" manner and underinvest at a time when bold strokes were required and is one of the many reasons why we are in the position we find ourselves today.  

Although well written, all this blog did was state the obvious; Brian Gunn is inexperienced, League one isn''t going to be as easy as we might have hoped and it would be nice to still be in the championship. I''m sorry but in my opinion it did nothing to add to the discussion about where the club should be going. 

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