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Martin & Spillane

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Like many a Catholic Priest (but for different reasons), I do enjoy seeing a young man put through his paces. It therefore warms my old heart to see messrs Chris Martin and Micky Spillane back at Norwich.

I do think that both, in particular Spillane, could be valuable assets to us next season. Spillane seems to be that kind of special talent perfectly able to do a number of different roles. While his exploits at center half and central midfield are well known, it''s on the right of defence I do think we may well see him placed. Speaking with a number of God-fearing Luton fans, I do have to say it was here that they claim Spillane played his best football. It sounds distinctly like he gets about a bit, puts his foot in and cuts the mustard going forward. Lovely stuff.

Chrissy Martin I think needs a good season. Scoring 13 for a poor Luton side was no mean achievement, and I for one think he could well play an important role. But I want to see him played in his natural position. Grant seemed to play him on the wing, and Roeder seemed to think he was a target man! What a load of holy water! Martin must be played as a goal poacher, getting himself in positions where his God-given first touch can be used to great effect to turn defenders and put him in scoring opportunities. Martin should be pulling the trigger - not loading the bullet.

As much as I am looking forward to seeing the new players in action (particularly Matty Gill, whom our Lord in Heaven has blessed with some skill himself), I am even more anxious to see how Spillane and Martin have matured and developed.

May God have mercy on your souls.

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