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Cureton's latest rant

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After being sent an email about the article from my father as we often flag things for each other i thought it would be funny to share his email with everyone as it made me laugh quite a bit. Think my old man got it spot on !!Anyways, here it is -

sent you the link re the Cureton article in the paper.


So it''s all norwich''s fault that he hasn''t been given a place in the

lineup, undermined his security, haven''t given him a chance etc etc.


Is it also Norwich''s fault that he is a crap player and, when he did play,

missed sitters in front of goal?


a bit of humility wouldn''t go amiss. Let him go and we''ll have the cash-

but not on a free transfer.

Burnt Hill seconds are fighting to sign him!!

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Imo Cureton has always been a League One striker at best. If he does stay it would be interesting to see how well he does this season.

I wouldn''t be surprised if it was an attempt by his agent to see if there are any clubs interested in signing him.

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