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I rather start this post than adding to that other piece of c**p!

Darren Huckerby is the best thing that has happened to this club in the last year and EVERYBODY on Dec 26th 2003 was over the moon with Nigel Worthington and his team for pulling off one of the best transfers in Norwich history. A big thanks goes to Kevin Keegan as well.

If I was the manager of Norwich City, Darren Huckerby would be the 1st player on the team sheet and I''d work the team around him. I have never felt that Darren is an out and out striker and he has even admitted this himself. He has said that when he used to play for Coventry, it was all about scoring goals. Now, he admits he is a different player. He is more creative. It is rubbish that he never passes the ball.

Who got us into the game Saturday with a penalty...Huckerby (and I''ll never know how he got that re-bound in!)

Who set up Simon Charlton''s goal on Saturday?

Huckerby to Druey to Charlton...GOAL!

Huckerby means to us what Henry means to Arsenal fans, what Giggs means to Man Utd fans and what Le Tissier meant to Southampton fans.

I do agree that his place appears to be the left wing and although he may not track back to help out the defense as much as some would...we cannot afford to be without him.

I say get him in the England squad and solve Sven''s left sided problems...I long for the day when Darren puts on an England shirt, goes on one of the mazzy runs and puts the damn thing in the net, shutting up those critics once and for all.


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Well said, I have to say that half the posts I''ve read this season make Norwich fans look like idiots. This board is set up for debate but most of the posts are either people moaning or making stupid comments like Huckerby is a liability. As I stated the other day we always have to have a fall guy & it seems to me it could be anyone of the squad on any given day. We all have our favourite players but the 1 thing this club has is that all the players are giving 100% to the canary cause.

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Well said.

I agree that we all have our favourites to say Darren Huckerby is a liability is stupid. I just cannot believe some people on this forum can say that. How many points would we have this year if Darren was left out? Answer?

Norwich City 0 Crystal Palace 1

Man Utd 2 Norwich City 1

Newcastle 2 Norwich City 2

Norwich City 0 Arsenal 4

Tottenham 0 Norwich City 0

Norwich City 0 Aston Villa 0

Liverpool 3 Norwich City 0

Norwich City 1 Portsmouth 2

Total Points 3 (Not taking into accounts the goals he has set up for us as well)

Huckerby is NOT a liability!

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