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Gentleman Jim

More statitistics...

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...done a bit of probing on my own and came up with the following :-


Of  the  twenty clubs in  the Premier, eleven are products of the playoffs in the last ten years.


 Significantly with the exception of Bolton ( in 7th place) they occupy the bottom 10 places.


The remaining nine, “long serving clubs”, with the exception of Southampton (18th) are the top 10.


Of thirty promoted clubs, thirteen were relegated the same year (43%), and three lasted two years.


Only once have all three promoted clubs gone down same year, (1996/7).


Only  three times has the Div1 champions been relegated  same year. The last time was in 1997/98, laceName>NottslaceName> laceType>ForestlaceType>


The most likely clubs to be relegated are the play off winners, 7 times (70%)




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