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Glove 1/Average League 1 side

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If we are an average League 1 side now, its a damn sight better than being an below average Premiership side we were 5 years back, personally i see NCFC as an above average side in League 1 with the potential to really put a side together that will not only fight around the Top 2/Play Offs but put the club in good stead for a positive place in the Championship next year like clubs such as Bristol City/Swansea have done over the last 2 years.

I''ve vented my fury on here like many others about the poor administration with regard to the clubs owners and inept board but now we are at our lowest ebb in 49 years and these issues and problems must be put aside for another day so Gunn and his team can try and build something.

Their are 2 types of Canary fan on here, the "happy clapper/Delia disciples" as Smudger puts it, but in my eyes they are "true NCFC fans" and then the "rabble rousers" such as Smudger (no disrespect Smudge!) and its now we should all be putting our heads together to come up with a positive plan to assist the club who we dearly love and move it "onward & upward" away from the decline which has set in over the last 5 years. (The decline has been there to see since we were promoted to the Premiership)

Negativity is for another day, lets just look forward to the forthcoming season.

OTBC since 1969

R.I.P. Dad 1939-2008

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i think everyone wants norwich to do well yet some of the decisions made which has cost us millions anyone from the 20,000 crowd can see clearly of which the board could not.

maybe if the club had not been so stupid over the last few seasons we would be in a much stronger position .

confidence comes from confidence.

if the fans are given a decent team that we can call our own and want to play for norwich city maybe peoples opinion would change .

time will tell.

our gates and support this club gets we should be high end champiopnship team or low end premiership .

this club has performed well below par for a few years now and in its lowest position for fifty years .

we should not be in this division nor should we exspect to be a average first division club .

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