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simon alexander


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Ive got my hands on a 7 night stay in dublin,return ferry and tickets to
every night of the skybet world grand prix-involving phil ''the power''
taylor(although i understand the darts may not be much of a selling point to
some people)....this is for two people

My problems are these:

1)I cant go!
2)It starts next monday(18th october)

I dont want to let this pass me by getting nothing out of it,so im hoping to
sell it.

Its worth a lot of money,on rough estimate a double room in a decent hotel is
around £50 a night,so £350 for the week.

Just looked on stenna for the ferry journey and thats worth a fair bit for two
people plus car over a week.

Not sure about the darts tickets if the person chooses to go,but its every
session from start to final for two people so its got to be atleast £50 each.

All in all you got to be looking at atleast £500,but its got to go,so if anyone
wants to make me a sensible offer, chances are you will get it.

I understand that its late notice,ive been told that it doesnt have to be a
week,it can be taken as a weekend or however long i want up to a week.

THIS IS A SERIOUS EMAIL!Im not messing about,id be gutted to not get
anything for it seeing as how i cant go myself,but im short on time.

Pass this email around anyone who might be even slightly interested.

You can contact me on 07944864848


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