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What sginings would you be happy with?

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Personally, I''d like to see Peter Clarke of Southend on a free, Billy Clarke on a free from Ipswich and  James Scowcroft for free.I''m not sure who else''s contract is up, I''ve never seen this CB from MK Dons play, so can''t really judge there. I know signing ex-Ipswich players might not be popular, but Scowcroft and Clarke would both probably do a very good job in league 1, and Alan Lee as well if we could get him.I know loanees aren''t popular, but I think 2 or 3 youngsters looking to prove themselves would be good. Players like Jay-Emanuel Thomas and Rhys Murphy from Arsenal could be realistic targets, young, technically astute players who are big enough to cope with the physical game (especially JET, he''s fooking huge).

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