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William Darby

This Bosnich rubbish and Daily Telegraph

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For starters it was the Aussie Telegraph secondly it was dated the 3rd and they''d already had lunch some time during the week.In other words a BS story

Former Socceroo goalkeeper Mark Bosnich signs for Sydney Olympic

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

By Tom Smithies

June 03, 2009 12:00am


Olympic stage always seemed appropriate for the talents of Mark

Bosnich, and the goalkeeper will make his debut for the Sydney club of

that name this Sunday after signing a 10-game contract.


marks another chapter of Bosnich''s comeback from what he yesterday

called a "dark hole", and may yet pave the way for a return to

fulltime football in the UK.

After proving he had something to offer in a seven-game stint with

the Mariners, Bosnich will play for Olympic until the end of the season

in a win-win showcase for club and player.

It will give the 37-year-old the chance to earn a final contract in

Europe or the A-League, and bring huge exposure to the crowd-strapped

NSW Premier League.

Bosnich yesterday admitted he still had hopes of another fulltime

deal, but emphasised he felt he owed Olympic - and the Australian game.

Revealing he had taken almost a month to accept Olympic''s offer,

Bosnich said: "I wanted to take counsel from a lot of old friends in

football and there wasn''t one person who thought it was a bad idea.

"Yes, I would like to use it as a springboard but without being

disrespectful to Olympic, as without this opportunity I wouldn''t have a

springboard. Look, my mindset when I came over here was that I came out

of a dark hole, probably darker than any of you will ever know. I was a

day-by-day prospect.

"My main concern then was I had to put something back (into the

Australian game). In the past that was difficult to do - I''d have a 10-

or 11-month season and be here for a month, where I really wanted to

holiday or party.

"So, I saw this as an opportunity to put something back. For the

time I''m here I should work as hard as I can every day in doing things

like that."

Bosnich''s debut will swell the gate at Belmore Oval on Sunday

afternoon, but it will still be a ghostly atmosphere compared with

the big crowds he played in front of in the English Premier League.

Yet he insisted he would not find motivation a problem. "I think

it''s a good test mentally - when you get used to a certain crowd level

that can be motivation in itself. But if I can''t motivate myself to

play here then there''s no use thinking about playing in the A-League or

overseas again."

One interested spectator on Sunday may well be Norwich''s assistant

coach Ian Crook. The former Sydney FC coach is in Australia on holiday.

Crook and Bosnich met for lunch this week and though it was only a

catch-up meeting, Crook admitted his club was looking for a goalkeeper

after releasing players following relegation to League One.

"We won''t know our transfer budget for a while and there''s a few players in the mix, but all options are open," he said.


Mark Bosnich

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It is what is known in the trade as a flyer.

Norwich City bloke meets goalkeeper.  Norwich City have goalkeeper vacancy.[:D]

2+2: 4 in the world of journalism with no confirmation from Crooky and even less chance from Joe & Co at Norwich. 

50-50 you are right or wrong.  Wiz uses the same formula.  The trick in both cases is not to say anything about it afterwards if you are wrong and hope that no one notices. 

Magic? [:|]


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