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Llera and Nelson

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Hello boys and girls, apologies I''ve not been about the last few months, thought I''d give you my thoughts on these two League One players, who I have seen home and away with Scunthorpe this season.

Llera is a cultured, calm centre-back (as you might expect from a Spaniard) but he is also a big lad as well, about 6 ft 2 in I would say at a guess.

He looked good in the air and didn''t mess about with the ball on the floor, I''m sure MK Dons will be disappointed to lose him.

Nelson is much more of an old fashioned British centre-back, strong, aggresive, a good tackler and not particularly fast but a LEADER.

That is his most important trait for us as well as plenty of experience in the lower leagues I would think.

If we can get both these lads in on a free then I would be more than happy.

Targetting players who have previously done well is definitely the way forward in my view, particularly if we are going to blood the kids.

As much as I was chuffed to watch Scunny go up at Wembley, I was still a bit disappointed because it ended my chances of at least seeing City twice next season, typical.

In fact I have been to Wembley in 2009 more than I have been to Carrow Road, some City supporter I am hey!

Anyway, what do we think to signing these two lads?

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If they would be disappointed to lose him why have they only offered him a one year deal?

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