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Reasons to be cheerful ?

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Ok so we are out of the drop zone which has cheered me up no end and there are definitely some positives to be taken from the performance.

Jonson: Seems to be settling down at last and creating some chances.

Helveg: Looked quality when he came on and his passing improved our general play.

West Brom: Were as we all thought they would be a bunch of route one bully boys who created little and should surely be one team we can finish above.


We had glorious chances and just couldn''t put them away, surely we wont play many more hapless sides than this ?

Mckenzie: Always gives 100% but surely if he is a quality striker he should have put away at least one of the half dozen gilt edged chances he has had this season.

Bentley: Much better performance against Portsmouth, but where was he on saturday ? I listened intently on the radio and watched the highlights, not convinced he actually played.

Huckerby: I love to watch Darren run at defences, what I don''t love to do is watch him put sitters into the stand, he is not a striker please don''t play him upfront ( I am getting bored of saying it)

Holt: Whilst he has improved in the last couple of performances it would have been difficult not to, I still think he has been poor this season and would hope he will be given a rest soon.

Dream Team: Obviously would include a Striker who can score goals which sadly we don''t seem to have at the moment so  here is my dream team of what we have for Saturday.


Edworthy Charlton Fleming Drury

Jonson Helveg Francis Huckerby

Doherty Mcveigh

We need someone in central midfield that can pass a ball and if worthy is too scared to play Mulryne or Safri surely Helveg is the only option.

I also think we need a big man upfront (unless we can get Scott Parker in central midfield for the rest of the season !) We need to hold the ball up otherwise we put to much pressure on our defense (Like the Liverpool game)

All I want for Xmas is Chris Sutton or Dean Ashton ( I''d Settle for Brian Deane if he can still walk !)



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KG you sounded o so sane until you start with a strike force of Doc and WLY - sorry but keep taking the pills!!!

Doc looked awful for us up front - threatening Dean Coney as the choice of worst striker - whilst WLY is gloriously inconsistent - looks superb when coming on as a sub yet totally anonymous when starting a game. I honestly coud not see this pairing posing any goal threat what so ever.


PS i tried to keep out of the hux argument but cant - we will simply have to disagree as I think he is a striker and not a midfielder although his attempted finish on sat was truly abysmal. Reminded my of Fleck at his best - Flecky could finish any half chance where he didnt have time to think - yet I lost count of the number of chances he missed one on one with a keeper. The best would have to be MacDougall followed by Drinkell who was clinical.

OTBC (again)

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Reasons to be cheerful: West Brom, Blackburn, Southampton and Crystal Palace. With all of these teams in the league we can stay up!

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