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There is a lot of negative posts about people we are being linked with and a lot of people suggesting players who are now blatantly out of our league. In my opinion some of the players linked are what we need and all we obviously can afford. Next season is gonna be a struggle but in this league to go with the kids we have got we need proven League 1 players even if they are not up to the Championship standard. We are now a League 1 club like it or not (I don''t!!!), we are now needing to rebuild for this league, if we can do that and somehow get up (???) then next year we will need another clearout and better players brought in but lets stick with real time and the need for players who will do a job this season and try and drag us up, they are the sorts Gunny''s been linked with (Holt, Llerra etc.) so lets get behind what we get.


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