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Dan Roper

Players who started iffy but became legends

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Ok Jonson and Helveg haven''t yet done the business but think of other players first seasons.

Iwan - seemed slow, unfit and probably cost Mike Walker his job!

Craig Fleming - was kept out of the team by Kevin Scott! and wasn''t a regular till Rioch arrived

Mark Bowen - was really crap in 1987/8

Even Bryan Gunn - no one could understand why he was in the team to start with (the barclay wanted Graham Benstead!)

maybe add McVeigh, Nedergaard and Malky in their first seasons.

give the lads time, they are class - had just better show it soon!

PS others started great and then ....(Libbra, Bradshaw, ........

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Bowen used to give my grandad palpitations, fortunately some ''coaching'' from the sidelines seemed to work.

I think you''re being a bit harsh on WLY and Steeno. They were bought and almost never seen again. I remember the Tim Sheppard testimonial when the reserves played the second half and the look of incredulity on everyone''s face when suddenly these players came out and started knocking it around confidently. We couldn''t understand why they weren''t playing on Saturdays.

Oh, another for the started great and then downhill (more like off the edge of a cliff actually). Bryan Hamilton.

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When he took over, Worthy was good at turning current underperforming players into 1st team regulars - McVeigh, Malky and Steeno for example. The trouble is I can''t think of a single player Worthy has signed himself who started off iffy who then became a legend. If they started crap they stayed crap.

Emblen - whenever he played we lost heavily, then he got injured forever.

Briggs - came on as sub and could have scored with his first touch from 6 yards! Yet missed - as defenders generally do - the rest is history.

Paul Heckingbottom - just never got any better.

Easton - started iffy, but looked like he might make it as a 1st team regular on our run to the play-off final. Missed that sitter at Cardiff and never really recovered.

Abbey - started off unable to score (not good for a striker). Then scored a great goal, then got injured forever.

Paul Crichton - ok, he was always going to be second choice. Reserve goalies are excused.

Can anyone think of a player that bucks the trend?

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