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Burnley - Taken from Carrowroad.net

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As I have said in the title I have taken this from Carrowroad.net.

I have done this so it can get to a wider audience.


''Burnley seem to be the team of the moment, but it is not only their achievements on the field of play that impresses, when clubs outside the premiership are struggling with finances; what Burnley  have done is quite remarkable in honouring loyalty; something that often gets overlooked.


Burnley are to reward season ticket holders after winning promotion to the Barclays Premier League. At the start of the campaign the Lancashire club pledged to give a free season ticket to all 2008/09 holders if they won promotion. Chairman Barry Kilby immediately announced the club would be honouring their promise which will cost the Clarets £2m.

 He said: "We had around 6,500 season ticket holders this year and we told them we would refund their money if we went up so we will honour that.

"I have no regrets about it. It is a reward for the fans who have stuck by us through thick and thin. "It will cost us about £2m but it will not be that big a percentage of our revenue."


I know the amount of season ticket holders is a lot lower than City, but can you imagine Delia & Michael getting anywhere near suggesting such a thing ?  Or even offering a loyalty reduction ?  I don''t think so, there is too be a rebate given on Season Tickets now we are in League One, but I have no doubts that will come with guilt attached to it.''

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