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£73k - Its a Start! - better than losing £35M!

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Looking at the Web vote on here it says 77% of 956 voters said they would stump up £100 to get Hucks. That equals £73,000. The other 23% are probably Ipswich fans or are happy with Div 1 football for evermore. Chances are we are all season ticket holders or members, of which there are 10,000 - 12,000 odd. So if we convert that ratio of 77% across the board then we get £924,000 (please don''t get your calculators out) which would buy Hucks!

hurrahh, Hucks is in the bag. I would love the cash to be raised in this manner as a two fingers salute to Blower and his dusty group of doom and gloomers if nowthing else.

If we don''t sign Hucks the cost to this clube could be £35M!!!!!

Thats £30m on prem cash and sponsorship and gate revenue, £2.5m as Greeno walks away for nowt from an un-ambitious club on a free and £2.5m for Drury (ditto). And before you ask, yes, I do believe with the squad we have promotion is on the cards.

I know this post is a bit sceptical but what if?????

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Hayden, we are singing from the same hymn sheet, can''t argue with your maths, never my strongest point, but the scenerio you paint of not making it this season, or next, etc is spot on.

I don''t know about taking the ratio to include all City fans - I suspect there are a large percentage who never visit websites (or use computers), but these maybe the fans with the biggest pockets. If this was really promoted well we could almost certainly (and I am not promising anything here, club or fans spokesmen) get a large amount towards the final fee.

The club has to act, to leave it all to December is not good enough. One question I would like to ask them. Do we really want to fill that lovely new stand week after week, if yes, then for god''s sake GO FOR IT!

We have been patient enough, Nigel has worked his way into the club and created a team. The board has to match his ambition, or lose him. It has happened before and look what happened, and the penalties are greater now.

We must get Huckerby, he is our best hope for promotion. We cannot afford not to, to sit in this division is going to drain vital money year in year out. To lose out on a golden chance won''t wear well come Jan or Feb when our usual Christmas dip is in full flow, it won''t be any good then bleating about waiting another couple of years.

Stands, nice though they are, don''t win promotion, little pieces of sheer genius do, and we have one here for another two months, and beyond, if they can take the chance.

He wants to stay, an awful lot of us want him to stay. He must stay. Go for it Nige, you''ll be manager of the season if you pull this one out of the bag.

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