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The Butler

The more it goes on......

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I think we have now witnessed the first reaction to the protests.

It is our club and we will do what WE WANT.

The decision, supposedly made by 4 directors (quickly jumped in by MWJ after again DS opened her mouth)

They know that support is turning against them and this is just an example of "Mummy knows best so do as you are told"

The situation is going to get much worse before it can even start to get better.

Tomorrow nights meeting has been hikacked before it even starts.

Gunn protest, they arn''t changing their minds. Hellishly expensive if they do. Both money and face.

Doncaster and Munby gone.

Just leaves the terrible twins and the invisible man.

Unless the meeting can have a very well supported raffle we have no hope.

The more protests the deeper they will become entrenched you ungrateful lot. Bring on Mick Dennis to finish a great day[:''(]

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