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Putting it all into some sort of context

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Gunn has been appointed whether we like it or not but yet again we have been sold short by Mrs Smith and the rest of the monkeys.  Do I blame Gunn for taking the job?  Well if some mug offered me a good salary to try and manage a professional team with 20,000 fans, I would take it!  Ha.My issue isnt with the big man himself, although sitting on Anglia news more or less begging for the ''opportunity'' made me like him that little bit less (integrity is something you need later on to gain respect) although I dont believe he is going to be anything other than Delia''s yes man in the same way that Phil Neal was to Graham Taylor''!Picture the scenario:Delia:  ''Those horrible fans are disrespectful''Gunn: ''Disrespectful - yeah, disrespectful''Delia: ''I saved this club''Gunn ''club saved....Disrespectful''........you get the picture!!Delia and co only act upon bad publicity or money.  Who can remember the ''if we hit 16000 attendances we will break even'' statement?  We have been lied to, spun and generally ''sheet'' on, and the appointment of Gunn just goes to show that anyone is dispensible in their eyes.  Club legend?  Pah! That doesnt matter to them. No one is bigger than Delia and she is proving that by being prepared to sacrifice him and allow him to be the hate figure.  I would have hoped that she had a bit more loyalty to him than that.Lets see her attitude when attendances start dropping.  I wish him luck and hope he does it like all fans (although any success will soon be spun into how ''they'' took a gamble and it paid off), but I wont hold my breath.

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