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Where do you think we would be now if it werent for roeder or grant or the board?

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I think we should of kept Nigel Worthington. I mean for gods sake we were only 14th (i think) in the table when he got the sack but we were bottom when we sacked grant (I think). Where would we be now if we hadnt of had grant or roeder in charge.. we could be back up in the premiership or a top half of the table team in the championship. I think the old board made too many mistakes appointing people such as Grant and Roeder, why didnt they use their money in style instead i.e. get a big name manager in and get back to the prem and stop up there. Where would we of been now if the board when we were in the prem spent no end of money at the start of the season on some decent players?I think it is the old board''s fault for where we are now.... wrong choices in Grant and Roeder. I think the problem is we are not prepaired to spend some decent money to accumulate hopefully a newly formed board will do a better job at Norwich and get us back to the championship atleast.

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