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So its Gunny !

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I was hardly shocked at the news that Bryan Gunn had been appointed our manager.

As I have said on here before it was pretty obvious what the board were going to do, only the appalling display at Charlton meant a short delay.

I am not talking from hindsight, I said straight after the Barnsley game that for me Gunny was not the man who could save us. I am gutted to have been proved right.

I still think come December time the board will come to regret this appointment. But it has been made and no amount of meetings in the close season will change that.

There are some contributors on here who think we should be competing for a Champions League place, even then they would find something to moan at, so the Club was never going to please everyone.

Gunny is right on one thing, to get out of this league we need to get behind the team. To have demonstations early next season will create a poisonous atmosphere which will only help the opposition. Lets give the management team a chance.

I think Delia & Michael will soon appoint a "team" to run the Club and they  take a back seat, I hope this happens as we do need the Club in certain ways to be run as a professional business.

Jonn Deehan has been working on this "dossier" of players for some time I am led to believe, so come on lads lets get in there as soon as possible and sign some players who want to play for Norwich City Football Club.


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