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People living in a fantasy world

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What is annoying me is the amount of people saying people who are criticising are not true fans. It''s not a ''gamble'' of an appointment, it''s an embarassing appointment. Roeder did damage yes but Gunn didn''t just have 4/5 games at the end of last season, he had the chance to bring in his own players and he had the last 19 games - to achieve 5 wins is pathetic.It''s not a case of experience, surely he picked up a few things after 10 games, or certainly after 18 - but no, still same old rubbish. Tactically not a clue, motivation not a clue. You can tell if someone might have it in them to be a good manager, you can tell Gunn just does not have the characteristics.Fair enough keep him in some capacity, chatting to the punters or guests for example ... possibly as goalkeeping coach but jesus wept, making him manager?? Especially after the shit job he did after taking over last season. Nothing surprises me with this club now though, been a season ticket holder for 25 years and this appointment is the most scandalous appointment during that time.Oh and while I''m not going to go into it in this post as these views are covered by everyone with sense, delia and the board who do not have this club''s best interests at heart can piss off as well.

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