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mighty yellow


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I haven''t read the board tonight, I''ve just come on and read the last half a dozen news stories on the main page and I''m seriously depressed. We have fallen further than I could''ve imagined, and the way the board, Gunn and people talk it''s as if it isn''t happening. I don''t know what to do, I don''t live in the Norfolk area, but let''s do something about it.

I will always watch Norwich. I promised myself that next season I am going for the day out, and am not going to worry myself about the football. Now I''m not so sure. At our current rate, we will be an established League One club within 3 years, and struggling a year after that.

Either point me in the direction of the movement that is doing this, or join me in starting something that will change things. Things can''t get any worse.



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