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Why Gunn is wrong appointment

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It has been a while since I last posted and now we are down for the first time in 50 years to the third tier with one of the best most loyal fan base in the Championship. Yes that sums up the magnitude of the failure we have just seen.

This has been achieved by a series of short sighted poor appointments to the most important post in the club that of manager. We have a board that have now selected three managers all of whom have failed to deliver. And yet thse on that interview panel still think they can get it right on the fourth time of asking! NO THEY HAVE NOT.

The really curious outcome is that Doncaster may well have been the person and turned round to them and said either me or Gunn hence he has left because like me he can see disaster on the way. Gunn I am afraid is no manager or coach which even he should recognise. Yes as other posts have appointed out he got some good players together, but what became clear is the more time he coached them the worse they got! The crucial time for him was when we were on a good run and then had two week break to Sheff Weds match at home on the face of it a banker win. After two weeks with his coaching team they were awful and looked useless and the rest is history. Gunn was always a big big risk with his lack of experience , I am afraid he could well take us down again. The players left at the club know he is a failure and the fans know he can not motivate or instill confidence( pathetic last day performance). They will revert to type after few ins at start of season. First defeat will trigger heads down by players and loss of form which Gunn will not have a clue how to reverse.

We needed a manager like Ince who knows how to win but no doubt he is expensive so no chance Delia. The board havent twigged that the easiest way to lose money is by having a poor manager who makes good players bad, just like Gunn and Roeder did. Gunns only hope is to get back Huckerby but then everything will hinge on his fitness. I would also love to see Dion Dublin back in some form, he really knows football inside out and would make a great manager given the time and the chance.

I predicted Roeder would fail and follow his track record of one good season then fail, because bullying players only works for so long. Gunn will fail which the players recognise as all the good ones leave since they know we will not be backin Championship for some time. It will be interesting to see if Marshall improves at Cardiff, he has not here. He showed promise when he joined but none of his weaknesses have been addressed and surely Gunn must be to blame for that.

Gunn knew what he was taking on and he failed. I am disappointed he has not now realised he should step aside for the good of the club and for that he has gone way down in my estimation. I am afraid there are many talented managers out there we could have attracted who would have the skill to get us back next year. The board should have recognised that and at least interviewed etc and yes let Gunn apply. Not to do so will be the end of this Board come the end of the season and some will say good ridance!


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