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how many people ..

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i know this has been said loads of times , i know a fair few people went to the meeting and rightly put thier views across .

most people share the same view, and i like many, hate to see this great club we support, and parents ,and grand parents, support rapidly decline with people at the helm , who have no idea on what they are doing .

delia wont sell , she is looking for investment , would anyone in the right mind want to run a club with delia knowing the bad mistakes that had been made over the last few years ,

protests were mentioned , it never happened , maybe not the best idea half way through a season fighting relegation .

what now ? how many people could get together to show the great cook we are a very unhappy lot of fans .

the more the better , people all ages need to show how they truely feel .

most peoples comments on here make a lot of sense, so why are we being ignored ?

maybe its a good idea for the edp to do a delia popularity vote .

the vote of  no confidence at the meeting was a good start , but i dont feel that is going to be enough .

newcastle fans , make themselves heard , and i dont mean a riot or anything nasty .

when we got promoted to the premiership , i can remeber not being able to move in the city, a wave of yellow and green a proud day for everyone connected to this club .

everyone so happy , i remember it was my birthday looking proudly at the players thinking my grandfather who died the year before would have been proud to see this .

he would turn in his grave now , i feel the people of norwich need to put thier heads together and think of something .

we can show when we are proud and happy , but put our heads in the sand when things are going wrong .

i know alot of people will say to me what do you suggest , to be honest i dont know , maybe some of you can think of some ideas .

the longer delia and gang are in charge the worse this will get, as i said before the relationship with delia and norwich is over , both need to go seperate ways , so how do we 17,000 fans plus let her know ?

enough voices shouting she has to listen , and at least give us some confidence that things will be different , and at least put people in the club who have footballing knowledge .

this is our worst season for 50 years , we are at least owed that for our loyalty .


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