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Didn''t Worthy give the team that got us promoted a chance in the Premiership?

Out of every game we''ve played so far this season, it was in the second half yesterday that we''ve looked our best. 

Apart from Charlton in place of Malkay and Jonson for McVeigh, it was the same team and formation that tore so many Division One clubs apart last season. The system didn''t need fixing so why did he change it?

It''s OBVIOUS that Hucks isn''t a centre forward. Putting him back in the front two after the trouble he caused Everton yesterday from the left would be utter madness.

It''s also obvious that Sven and McKenzie are the best striking partnership we''ve got. Doherty just doesn''t cut the mustard and anyone else up front would just be out of position.

I think people (including Worthy) thought that whilst the team we were fielding last season was good enough to walk the Division One title, it wouldn''t be able to cut Premiership football. Well they''re wrong. The team we we''re fielding last season was more than a match for any of the bottom sides in the Prem. We must stick with the system that we played in the second half against Everton, it is our best chance of staying up. Not only is it the best system we''ve got, but if he keeps tinkering with formations and the team sheet we''re never going to settle and we won''t stay up.

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