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What can I say? Credits due where credits due.

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Seems to me that we''re pretty damn quick to condemn.

Who, in their right mind, wants Worthy out? Are you crazy? Can you not see what he - and the board too - have done for our club?

Here we are, well into the season and we''re third in the league, having beaten Walsall 3-1 away in a thoroughly convincing performance and having been one nil down. A team, incidently, that recently beat Wigan 2-0 at home.

Last week we beat a team freshly relgated from the Premiership. Before that, we''ve come from 1 - 0 down to earn a point at West Ham.

Win our game in hand - we''ve 4 out of the next 5 at home - and if West Brom draw...we''re top of the league.

Maybe the loanees stay. Maybe they don''t. Whatever, we should be grateful they were here in the first place. They''ve all made a massive contribution to the team, have helped bring us close to the top of the league, have boosted morale, they were inspired moves.

What more can we ask? :-)

Stop moaning and get behind the team.


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