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Saturday and survival

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Just a few observations about the Everton game and how I feel it leaves us for the rest of the year.

In the first half Everton played very well to their strengths and we let them, and they scored 2 good goals. The defence left the back post, but the Cahill shimmy was class on the first and Bent''s finish was Premier League standard.

Helveg was like playing football with your dad, he tried a couple of tricks which didn''t work, felt knackered and when back in the house.

Drury, Charlton and Fleming all made mistakes which cost us dear but were trying their hearts out.

Francis was as timid as he has been in any of his timid first halves, how can you be built like Marvin Hagler and play like Hank Marvin almost every opening 45 minutes?

At half time my girlfriend at her first live game of the season said that we weren''t playing as well as last season and I said that the opposition were so much better now. Ah she said, but last year they thought they were going to score and went for it from the start.

Second half, the applause when they came back out sounded like only 3 people clapped, but when we saw that NW had gone for last season''s line up, although nobody said it, everyone thought we were going for it and we played like they were Walsall for 25 minutes. It was that fantastic feeling of last season again. And then they scored again, but what an effort, what a great team formation.

Overall I thought Green seemed less commanding than other games, Edworthy, Holt, Hucks and Leon were magnificent, Jonson got better and better, Svensson looked bright and more inportantly fit and Francis in the second half was Paul Ince and Bryan Robson in their heyday, but only for 45, again. 

So we lost again but most of the others hanging on for survival lost or drew, apart from Palace who played WBA, we are still in touch and we play most of them soon and they have some horrible games ahead.

I don''t believe that we will lose any confidence from Saturday, I think we can get a result at Man City and tonk Blackburn as long as we play the full 90 like the last 45 on Saturday and believe that we can win.

Also stop worrying about January spending, if we get some luck and Leon and Hucks keep battling anyone new will be a bonus not a necessity.





So, as others have said let''s play like we belong here rather than just being pleased to be involves. Attack is the best form of defence       



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Sorry, I don''t know where those bottom 2 lines came from, reading it all again, there''s enough drivel without that last bit.

PS. Should Worthy have brought on Doherty for Fleming when Ferguson came on?

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