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Official Club Statement

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There are a number of crucial issues to be resolved, including:

* The possibility of new external investment into the Club* The possibility of changes to the composition of the Board of Directors* The appointment of a management team to lead us next season* The financial situation facing the Club* The ramifications of this financial situation for the business as a whole* The ramifications of this financial situation in relation to the size of next season''s playing budget * The type of players who will represent Norwich City in the future

I think we can surmise from this that the financial situation is bleak.  Bleak as you like.And that we have precisely zero to spend - and need to slash the wage bill.

I''d be amazed if it wasn''t Gunn/Crook/Butterworth next season for this reason alone.

"The type of players" point is interesting - I hope someone suggested "footballers" or we''re going to be in the shizzle.  But presumably this was "free transfers, youth players and premier league loanees."

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