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silver fox

Team selection was excellent

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I want to congratulate Nigel on his team selection for the Walsall game as I believe he was spot on. It was great to see Henderson, Jarvis and Shackell on the bench and I hope he continues to keep them in the squad. Irrespective of Walsall being poor on the day I believe Nigel threw caution to the wind, picked a team who would attack all afternoon, and was rightly rewarded.

He was fully justified in picking Henderson ahead of Rivers and it was a bonus to see him score and make one. Mulryne looked comfortable alongside Francis and really got involved in everything, like we know he can. Holt stepped into the right back slot well and with his three lungs was able to get up and down the pitch all afternoon.

Despite a small defensive slip up and a moment of indiscipline from Crouch, the performance was excellent. No doubt Nigel will get some criticism for dropping Rivers but the result proved he was right.

I believe Nigel won quite a few disbelievers over today, so more of the same for the future away games, and that top six place will be looking good.

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