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I wouldnt pay £5 for this club.

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Getting the club for free and trying to sort it out without money wouldnt even be enough for me to take control of Norwich City.

Just looking at the true books, and seeing how much people have destroyed this club, would just devastate me too much. Seeing how much money some of the wasters earn, finding records of players that we could have had, managers that have applied for the job, finding emails from fans that are having their life ruint. Finding out some hidden truths, seeing players disciplinary action.

It would all be enough to send me spiralling into depression forever.

The club is infested. What I would give to get rid of Delia and getting a real football man in charge. Even if that means that 10,000 Delia lovers jacked in their season tickets.I would go back to 16,000 people gates if I could feel at least a little pride at the team taking to the pitch. God damn, half of the championship manage it.

Where are the players? Where are the men? Where is the passion?

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