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yorkshire norwich city f.c supporters official statement

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The yorkshire organisation [total membership 1. unless you know better ] issues the following statement with regards the clubs current situation.eeeeee theres trouble at t''mill! we aint got fayth in t''board, t''manager and t''whole lot o em. After last week i said t''wife ''wife, i gotta do summat!''. like what she said. Get on tinternet and get t''board t''address of the shit creek paddle stores and post it t''board, cos we is in it!. At that point i kicked whippet, got a john smiths and hid in t''airraid shelter and sobbed........WHY USbut ont bright side, i can see t''galpharm from here!the yorkshire organisation will keep fayth wi'' club, wi you the fans. But we do need change in t''boardroom.to quote the great yorkshire hero Fred Trueman..........i''ll see thee

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