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Are Newcastle copying the Norwich knock-on effect?

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Just crossed my mind, similar circumstances and employing a down and out ''legend'' as a manager who has a 75%* chance of taking them down. Is this the same plan Norwich had, a team that went down ''fighting'' under the reins of a legend would limit the effect of being relegated. - Imagine if we had kept Roeder on - sure he would have been sacked, but the atmosphere would have been so much more hostile!Is this going to work for Newcastle though? Because I can see the same thing happening to them as with us. However, I really can''t see Shearer staying on as manager, whereas I can see Gunn forcing his way into the hotseat. The question remains who to bring in as manager - but we need to bring in a manager, and not a legend. The scope of blanketing supporters with the whole ''bleeds the clubs blood'' legend stuff is a load of tosh. Whoever comes in HAS to do the job, and we need a tactical decision, looking at the future. Not employing someone because it''s most suitable to everyone at the club! Yayyyyy The Delia and Big Man Gunn family club. Happy league one communal club where nobody says a peep!*Please note complete farce of facts in this post!

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