City today confirmed Chairman Roger Munby and Chief Executive Neil

Doncaster have both stepped down from their roles at the Club.

The Club''s remaining Directors, joint majority shareholders Delia

Smith and Michael Wynn Jones and Michael Foulger, have placed on record

their thanks to both Munby and Doncaster for all of their efforts for

the Canaries over the years.

In a joint Board statement they commented: "We want to sincerely

thank both Roger and Neil for their hard work and commitment to the

Club over their years working with us.

"Roger is the longest-serving Board member of us all, having first

become a Director in 1986, joining again for a second stint in 1996.

Over the years he has made a very important contribution to the Club''s

community commitment and communication with fans, and deserves to be

recognised for his role in helping to build our incredible season

ticket base.

"After stepping up from his initial position as our Company

Secretary, as Chief Executive Neil played a pivotal role in helping

this Club to negotiate its way through the ITV Digital crisis and the

AXA securitisation deal - which in turn enabled us to redevelop Carrow

Road and provided us with a degree of financial stability, in a very

challenging climate for football.

"Both Roger and Neil have always been happy to talk face-to-face

with supporters through good times and bad - a level of accessibility

that not every Chairman and Chief Executive in the country would be

comfortable with.

"On behalf of everyone at the Club we wish Roger and Neil every success and all the best for the future.

"There will be further changes to the Board. Meanwhile, an

announcement about the executive management structure at the Club will

be made in the near future, once staff at Carrow Road and Colney have

been fully consulted. The Club will not be adding to this statement

until then."

A joint statement from Munby and Doncaster issued today said:

"It is clear that for Norwich City Football Club to move forward, there

needs to be a fresh start. A new Board of Directors is an essential

part of that process. We therefore believe it is in the best interests

of the Club for us to step down from our positions.

"We would like to place on record our sincere thanks to all the

staff at Carrow Road who work long and often anti-social hours to serve

Norwich City''s wonderful supporters.

"Delia, Michael and the Foulger family have worked tirelessly for

supporters and put huge amounts of their own money into the Club over

the last 13 years. They, and City supporters everywhere, deserve much

more success than has been possible in recent years. We would like to

wish them, and everyone associated with Norwich City Football Club, the

very best for the future."