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Anatomy of a season

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Just reflecting this morning on where my club has gone wrong and thinking back over the season there''s a load of thoughts. Here in no particular order are my feelings about the key events. I''m sure there are others that I''ve missed off my radar.

  • Huckerby - treated appaulingly by Roeder - not even told it was his last game and then being released with a load of teenagers. An event so singular and far reaching in itself it casts a cloud over the whole season. For someone so important to the history of the club to be allowed to go and in this manner not only reflects on Roeder but the board
  • The "we played well, but didn''t get what we deserved" type comments - throughout the season - but started on day one against Cov
  • The optimism after beating Plymouth - and we never took it forward
  • The number of loans - so typified by Troy Henville whathisname - who never got a chance and increased our wage bill
  • The dismissal of Martin and Spillane in a kind of petulant "I''ll show them" attititude displayed by Roeder in being sent to Luton 
  • "Lovely little mover" - Roeder''s words about Koroma - we hardly ever saw him
  • "Lightweight" - applied to Lupoli after Roeder said he would light up the championship - result - a simmering resentment in Lupoli
  • The criticism of Cureton about how he had to score - later transferred to rival club and adding 3 (or was it 4 points)in their cause
  • How we needed "in-betweenies" that would make the difference up in class
  • Talking of class how Norwich fans were called "classeless" - you know who
  • The "new heroes" Norwich would be celebrating - yeah, right
  • Lita''s successful spell and that Wolves win
  • The many leading performances by Doc - someone who has the club so much in his heart
  • The over-reliance on Fotheringham''s captaincy and support even when for most he was a weak link
  • The anger and silence of carrow Road when Charlton won the replay
  • Roeder''s "I''ll be the last man standing" comment referring to the fact that he would fight. Yet these were his last words and strangely we''ve heard not one word since - not even to wish the club and team well - amazing
  • Lee Clark jumping ship when R seemed absolutely unaware - Clark being one man the team really liked - another key point in the season
  • Gunn wins 4-0 in first game and the euphoria after
  • The Facebook daughter campaign
  • Lee Croft''s amazing goal versus ****
  • Cody Mac''s firest goal and what it meant to him
  • The silence of the board for nearly a year apart from a few comments about the money being tight
  • The whole sorry and unsatisfactory Cullum affair which cast a pall on us from the start
  • The no-show at Blackpool following the players paying for the flight beforehand in a show of unity!
  • Roder''s taunt to a fan about missing his tenure as England Manager
  • Being so outclassed versus Reading when the final nail went in

Well, at least this has taken my mind off today and my nerves as I await the inevitable and yet still...I have this nagging need to hope that miracles can happen to NCFC. I should of course add Relegation to the 3rd tier for rthe first time in 50 years. Help yourself to add other "highlights" but overall it has been an amazing season for many wrong reasons. Sorry for the length of my post (there''s always one person who will have a dig but I don''t care as this feels like the start of my therapy!).


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yeah, they look pretty good, one i would add (dont think its there) is teh bad ref decisions, that have cost us pionts (not saying that we havnt been poor or anything)another thing, that really annoys me, not sure about away games, but at home, about 20 of the 23 matches, we have been the better team, by far often, but its just a poor mistake (often by Marshall) and the lack of decent shots, that means we dont win many.good post anyway.

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Thanks Ginger. Yeah, you''re right about ref decisions too

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