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I think this is probably for the best..

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Unless we go immediately in to administration I believe this is probably for the best because,The board will be under severe pressure to review their actions,Doncaster may be sacrificedGunn cannot expect to remain manager on the last few performancesCroft won''t sign a new contractMarshall, Clingan and Wes will be off giving us a bit of cashOtsemobor may go too!Semi, Doherty and Russell may also want to go but I think they will stay so we end up with A new young goalie we ownA back 4 of maybe Otsemobor, Spillane, Doherty, Drury or one other if Semi or Doc go we ownMidfield with Russell, Lappin, Smith, Adeyemi we ownStrike force of McDonald, Lee (maybe), Renton and Martin that we own.I''d give Butterworth a chance as the boss and with a few cheap additions I''d be happy to see us start again.A change in the board''s personnel or at least approcah would be needed too.I''d turn up and watch that if they at least looked like they wanted to play and win for City. I''m sick of watching a load of borrowed journeyman shite managed by a nice man who''s good at marketing.      

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