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Some observations

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Having read this forum for approx. the last 8 weeks, I have seen the following reasons for your troubles mentioned:

1) The manager

2) Too many loanees

3) High wage bill

4) Players not good enough

5) Players good enough but don’t care

6) Strikers not scoring

7) Defenders not defending

8) Previous managers

9) The board

10) Midfield not controlling the game

11) Bad referee decisions

12) Bad luck

13) Sections of fans not making the noise

14) Players being played out of position

15) Barnsley\Plym "Fixing it"

Are all\any these things true? Sorry to see you going down. That’s the truth. But your situation reminds me of when Forest went down a few years back. Un-interested journeyman players, bad managers and not enough investment in the squad ( We had Impey and Powell as mainstays!! Compare that to Jenas and Dawson...)

My advice is get rid of the deadwood as soon as possible. You''ll need a big striker and if you have someone with pace to complement them you will be well on your way. The vast majority of league one defenders are cloggers who can’t deal with the pace.

Defence wise, get good at defending from free kicks and corners because the lesser teams will try and punish you at this every time. I lost count of the times I saw one of their 7ft defenders beat our men in the box.

Lastly, the standard of reffering is abysmal, and will often allow for rougher play. Very frustrating.

Oh and the cup final thing is generally bollocks. I don’t believe for one second that teams played better against us because we were "big".

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