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Just Numb!

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I''m sitting here just feeling numb!

I''ve known for weeks that this could happen, but it still hurts!

Where is our club going now!

A gutless, passionless performance in THE most important match for years and only a few

of our ''players'' could be bothered to applaud our magnificent (again) support!

I wouldn''t applaud them back! PATHETIC!

Everyone says the board must go, BUT IT WON''T RESIGN, as it doesn''t

blame itself! Something has to be done, but what?

Gunny''s not good enough, but will anyone else want to come in to a sinking club with no money?

Pardew, Jewell, Cotterill, Gregory, O''Leary, Reid, Magilton and Curbishley.

All good managers who wouldn''t now touch this club with a Bargepole!


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