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Shots on goal

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I was surprised to see that Bentley is second in the list of players shooting from outside the box - 18 so far behind only Lampard on 19. 


But while 11/16 shots by Henry have been on target on 4/18 have.  In one way it confirms what I suspected in that he is learning his game at our expense, option selection and shooting accuracy etc.


However it is a long way ahead of any of our other midfielders - suggesting we are missing someone by him NOT being in the side.  We need our midfielders to contribute goal yet the number of shots the likes of Francis and Holt has is too small - I sometimes get the feeling we are trying  to walk the ball into the net rather than risking a shot (and the wrath of the barclay)


If he can get some boots that hit the target and learn when to pass whenmore approriate perhaps Bentley can become a 1st team regular on merit - but will it be quick enough for city.



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