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How do we rebuild the squad?

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I wrote that I was worried about the drop of Hucks and no good replacements of Dion. And I don`t like the many players on loan. They don`t think they have the same heart for the club. And you can`t get a unit that can gel together. So what do we need for next seson?  Don`t take in too many loanees, look for young talent and mix it with some experienced players. I really think we also need to look for players other places than Scotland. And we need to have some people with MONEY. You can say that you sell your soul but that`s the way modern football has gone. For the team I think we need many diffrent players. We have consided alot of goals, and I think we miss a good central defensiv mid, a good cenral defender. And striker with 20 goals per seson. Agree or not with me.


A sad long time Norwich fan from Norway.



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