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time for the rebirth

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is this wot the club actually needs? now delias legacy is finalised, of an unambitious, passionless team of bottlers happy to collect a pay cheque at the expense of the club and fans, it seems like they may be on their way out. on canary call after the match they certaintly sounded like changes were on the way, hopefully meaning them. i no wev heard it all b4 from them but darkess hour before the dawn, rain b4 the rainbow and all that. i think this is the time the club turns its way around. get rid of the prima donas, bench warmers and loanees and build a team of players who appreciate the club and manager and play for the shirt. build a team of the likes of mcdonald and smith who owe the chance of their fledgling careers to the club and will run and work, and players like lee who been given a second chance and need to repay the faith. i think with delia and the current set up were still looking back over the last few years to wen we wer in the prem and kidding ourselves, lets get rid of the players who were here then and distance ourselves. get out of this mindset and get back to reality and build from the bottom up. the time for feeling sorry for ourselves and being taken for a ride by a team of nobodys popping over for som wages and a run about for a few months is over, and the time for winning starts here.

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