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I hope they get rid of him...

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All the respect to Bryan Gunn as a club servant. But sorry, this stint as a manager has proved that he is not capable of being one. Rodent was far worse and gunny didn''t inherit a great deal... But he''s not up to it, I''m sorry. My father''s a Brentford fan. They had Terry Butcher as a manager and went down... big name but crap manager. His assistant Andy Scott took over and with very limited resources, just one signing of 25 grand, he got his club back to league one. He''s a great man manager, got a good eye for talent,... He''s done wonders and they are champions.

This means that our board just did take the easy way out and don''t know anything about football management. So I hope they give Gunny another position in the club and go out and find a good manager. Doesn''t have to be a big name just a good MANAGER...! God, I just can''t believe the way these people get to play with a club so well-supported, well equiped and with such a good youth system. Don''t forget... Brentford are just two miles from Fulham and 3 miles from Chelsea. Norwich are the sole team in 1 county...if you can''t make something out of that your bloody bad :-(

Condolences as a fan of NCFC, who left us today the 3d of may 2009 Anno Domini

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