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Rob Whites

View from a Leeds fan

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Well for a start, sorry to see you lot go down. I guess you did a carbon copy of what we did from the premier league and the thought of going into league one wasn''t too good.

I guess like any league there are a lot of rubbish teams but that''s not to say its easy as you may well be aware. 2 thirds of the league will treat you as their cup final and somehow will up their game by 10%.

You will get used to the league and it isn''t all that bad(really) and I guess you will be using it as a building process to eventually return to the Championship.

Im hoping we are not here next year,but we will look forward to your visits if you are and likewise we will look forward to trips to Carrow Road. I think if Leeds stay down then it will be a tough league for everyone especially with Charlton and Southampton dropping too so the league will be tasty to say the least.

Anyway good luck in your return, hopefully we will finally win the playoffs and go up so we gotta look forward to that.I think we have a better chance this year.

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