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Let down, hurt, embarrassed and ripped off!!!

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Having got back from today''s game and had a chance to take everything in, I could not believe the disgraceful performance that was put on for us fans today. Fair enough it wasn''t in our hands, but we could have done our job at the very last. Players were playing for their future today and I sincerely hope that most of the players who played today, do not wear the yellow shirt again. There was no passion, no commitment, no desire. Several things have been brought to my attention, with Gunn mentioning that the players didn''t have a go like he asked them. Is this telling us something? Secondly I hope that there are major changes from this board meeting on Wednesday and not a typical ''the fans are unhappy so we better make it looklike we are trying to do something about the situation and then carry on as normal.'' I feel let down and cheated by both the players and the board. The effort on display today was shocking, I laughed with my mates saying they would struggle to beat Wroxham! The board have made major mistakes in various appointments and continue to show a lack of ambition. Having said that, Preston have hardly spent yet they are now in the playoffs. It goes to show that with the right personnel in place, success can be achieved.

Hopefully we can use this as the kick up the backside that we have needed for several seasons. We would have struggled in the Championship next season with the teams coming down from the Premiership and the teams coming up from league 1, so today has confirmed the inevitable. We can have a proper clearout and start from scratch. Cody could play a big part next season as could Korey Smith, both of whom gave their all today. I would like to see Alan lee signed permanently as him and Cody could form a good partnership next season with Chris Martin coming back too. Again we will have to wait until Wednesday to see what decisions are made.

The odds of us didn''t look good from the start with the lineup which was in place. I presume Bertrand was injured, but could nt get my head around Shackell at left back. Why not go for 3 at the back, we needed to attack! That has been our downfall over the pst couple of seasons, inconsistent team selections and players constantly being played out of position. I want Gunny to do well here, but I feel today he got it wrong and the board need to decide on someone who can take our club back to where we belong! 

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