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Right, here goes.

The Players

What a total disgrace you have been this season. Marshall, Otsemobor, Croft, Clingan, Cureton, Carney, the countless other loanees (with the exception of Lee, Shackall and Bertrand)- you have been a disgrace to your profession and to this club. I hope none of them want to play for us next year- they can all go feck orf for all I care, we''re better off without these over-paid rubbish ''players''.

Glenn Roeder

You''re the most unlikeable sh!te I''ve ever known. I really hope you never get a job in football again. Even Ipswich. No-one deserves you as their manager.

Bryan Gunn

Bless him. He tried, but was just not good enough. Can we blame him? Yes, but the real blame lies with...

The Board

Where to start? Far too many mistakes to mention. Money squandered, amazingly poor managerial decisions, etc, etc. Just unbelievable. If they were a government they''d have been voted out year ago, if they were an animal, they''d have been put down out of courtesy.

Neil Doncaster- I hold in the same regard as Glenn Roeder. How is he still in a job?


I could go on forever, and I won''t list all the mistakes, we all know what they are. I just needed to record my thoughts for my own sanity. Dear God, please let there be MAJOR changes from boardroom to playing staff in the summer.

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Agree with all that. A bit harsh on Sammy though. You try being a damn player amongst all that dross.

The proof will be next year when he is playing the Prem.

Spot on re the rest!

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