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The club certainly is Doomed now... To third division football. [:@]... Never was there been a more appropriate saying for this season..

Where does the responsibility fall? The Board are one aspect that''s for certain and with those fans who agree with their bullsheep!!!

Mediocrity has become acceptable at this club by so many people...

When are the Supporters actually going to say enough is enough? will it be today or will they "just see if things go better next season"?

The next few days we will see the patronising excuses from the club and we will be reminded there is "no money" or "new investors" etc..


Season Tickets bought you League 1 football Next Year...


Why are the fans still waiting for a knight in shining armour that isn''t coming?

How far down are fans going to let this great club go down before they pull together to financially support their club?

Why ain''t supporters groups working together?

Why can''t supporters see that unless they add financial weight behind their voices things ain''t going to change.

We all have choices, if we do nothing then we have to face the consequences.. The writing has been on the wall for months, it was supporters choice not to read it...

Why ain''t Supporters prepared to help make the club better again? 

Why can''t supporters form group of people organized for a common purpose, especially a group that meets regularly, dedicated to raise funds that will benefit the long term future of NORWICH CITY FOOTBALL CLUB?

We have left it in the clubs hands and look at where this has got us!!!

It would be great to hear something constructive on this rather than excuses..

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Are you the Kitty people working with the other groups than and prepared to take action?

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Hi City Angel,

Action does need to be taken, supporters need to strengthen their hand to the maximum. The best way to do that is by adding financial clout behind their voices, Money will always follow the crowd, and the Kitty needed the crowd to flourish. The crowd would have encouraged investment needed to build the proper website i had in mind.

Money is the only thing that talks in the football world, so lets show the club why they receive it. Lets show how powerful the supporters are and that we don''t need to keep begging for investment from directors pockets. Lets take their power away and start rallying together to take our club forward to where is belongs.

As it stands our Entertainment is reliant on Delia Smith''s generosity and as a result we have been demoted. 

Working with a common purpose has to be all associations priority, each association has the clubs best interest at heart and they all bring something unique to the table.

I made it clear that i am happy to work along side any association.

I have said from day one that the success of this club is the supporters hands and by ignoring the signs last year we would see a poor outcome. We are now at the last chance saloon and i don''t know about you but 3RD DIVISION football is unacceptable for a club with such a large fan base.


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